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Advice, please - I suddenly remembered that kittens have claws. At what, if any, age are they likely to start attacking furniture? I.e., are my Art Deco club chairs in any danger? I've loaded up on cat toys, a cat climbing tree etc (Belle has as many toys as I do, albeit for a different purpose)...will that stave off the damage?

So far, the scratch marks on my hands aren't causing too much comment - my friends just assume I've been playing rough games. But I hope that she stops pouncing on my toes first thing in the morning. I'm worried she might eventually go for other...appendages, and that thought makes me wince.
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Enjolras, how did your interview with the Siberian Puppy go? I wish you'd told me in advance so I could round up some legal representation for you...I know you have faith in justice, but there are some ugly cases extant where Justicia handed over her robes to an impersonator and innocents suffered.
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Combeferre, you do know that was an entirely platonic kiss, don't you? You needed a cuddle.

And I am sorry that I over-carmelized the sauce, but you must admit the double lashing of brandy in it made up for it.

And sorry about leaving the traffic cones where you'd trip over them. I've put them safely in a corner.
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Back from the markets with all the very best to make something to cheer up Combeferre. Well, "cheer up" is rather a paltry term after what he has been through...but I do like to feed the body as well as the soul.

I think I shall make this up as I go along. There will be carmelized Moroccan orange marmelade and duck involved with some lashings of brandy, I can say that much. And I defy my critics who claim that when I carmelize anything, I tend to take the non-stick surface of my pans with it.

First to steam the duck and reduce the fat before I slow roast them...I don't really need to conserve the fat, as I've bought some to roast the potatoes in.

Dessert will be me...ooops, no, very inappropriate given my friend is grieving. Dessert will be Apricot-Almond Clafouti.
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You can all relax! I'm back from my morning workout class (you should see the instructors! Male and female and all hot! And with so few men in the class, my opportunities are increased exponentially...just wish they let me workout without my top...that would be ab-solutely fabulous). I have the champagne (insult me not with your domestic sparkling!), the macarons, the imported cheeses (which this nation sadly lacks a decent local version of) and stand ready to whip up a Canard à l'Orange and have a sing along...so we're all good to go and...

La Fête Nationale? What? What day is it...July 14? Today?

Oh. Oh, of course I knew that. I mean, why else would I go and buy all that champagne...

Now, I must see what my little Зайка is up to...
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How does dominance in a civic position translate to preferred position in bed?

Must ask Combeferre to help me refine this into a working hypothesis....
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Here I am...

Enjolras seems to think I should post in this medium. I suppose he thinks it's better than constantly updating my FB status and flirting on IM with half a dozen people at a time.

Substance? How very, very dull. Who needs substance when you've got online gaming to wile away the hours you should be in lectures, and so many pretty girls and boys to befriend?
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